About the Captain

Captain Danny Graham

With a lifetime of oceanic experience beneath his belt, Danny Graham's journey began with diving among the Northern Channel Islands in 1973, evolving through two prolific decades in the commercial sea urchin harvest industry. This path has not only sharpened his diving acumen but also granted him a perspective on the dive business that is unparalleled.

As a seasoned technical rebreather diver and a passionate amateur explorer, the Channel Islands have been his proving grounds, a place where his skills have been both challenged and refined. His active role within the Southern California Technical dive community is not merely participation; it's a testament to the depth of insight and expertise he brings to the helm — insights that few captains can claim as their own.

In 1998, he steered his professional course towards entrepreneurship and co-founded Nuvair, a compressor manufacturing company based in Oxnard, California. After dedicating more than twenty years to building a successful enterprise, the sea called him back to his first love. In September 2021, he seized the opportunity and became the proud owner of the DV Triton.

Triton Diving is not just a business; it's the culmination of Danny's life’s work. Specializing in custom diving charters for small groups, he ensures an exclusive and intimate experience. His mastery was further solidified in the spring of 2023 when he completed his Master Captain's licensing course. This achievement is not just a title — it's a promise of commitment, safety, and excellence to every diver who steps aboard his vessel.

Today, Triton Diving Charters stands as a pinnacle of Danny's dedication to the ocean and to the divers who share his passion. With the DV Triton, he invites you to dive with confidence, under the guidance of a captain whose life has been inextricably linked to the very waters we will explore together.