Friends and Affiliates

Marissa Charters

Lora, Chris, & Rod run the best dive boat in San Diego. They are very familiar with the requirements of technical divers and we have found many new wrecks with them!

Plus, you get to hang out with Lora’s beagles Captain & Scout!

Brett Eldridge - Wrecked in my REVO

Brett is an accomplished rebreather and wreck diver doing many things here on the Triton. We are extremely happy to be teaming up with him and his group to explore all around the So Cal coast for our lost maritime history

Ken Kolwitz and Channel Islands Dive Adventures organizes and plans scuba trips on various dive boats with 4 main goals in mind. The 4 goals are to offer trips to specific unique dive destinations, to promote diver safety, and offer reasonably priced trips. Above all to have fun with other like-minded divers.



Sunflower Star Laboratory

Sunflower Star Laboratory is a Monterey-based
non-profit committed to researching and developing reliable and scalable aquaculture methods for sunflower star (Pycnopodia helianthoides) conservation and reintroduction.

Channel Islands Divers is a diving social club whose membership consists of divers with experience levels ranging from beginner to e

xpert. Our club provides a setting that allows continued growth in an atmosphere in which friendships can develop and flourish


Explorer Technology

Explorer Technology LLC is a technology design and manufacturing company based in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. We specialize in the design and assembly of Lithium-Ion battery packs for underwater diver propulsion vehicles (DPVs) and other high-performance devices requiring high capacity and long-life battery supplies. Recently, we acquired the assets, designs, equipment, and tooling of Rabbit Tool West Inc.