Charter Booking

Single Day Charters

Single day charters are the best way for any dive group to foster fellowship and comradery between their friends. 

If you are a dive shop looking for a place to conduct your next class, or a dive club looking for an adventure like no other, Triton Diving can cater a trip just for you.

If you are a group of Technical divers and want to bring along all of your gear, doubles, scooters, rebreathers, cameras, or any mix of these we have the abilities and the expertise to handle your group and can get you to places not seen by many.

If you are a group of recreational divers that want to experience the Channel Islands National Park and all of its underwater wonder for the first time, Triton Diving Charters can help that dream become a reality!!

If you are a group of freedivers that want to do something different, please let us help you. We can get you on the edge for that unbelievable experience you have always wanted.

Overnight Charters

When you want to have some more time for the diving, or if you want to explore the reefs after dark, the Triton is set up to take care of you. 

With four large bunks and a place for a 5th to sleep we can take you for a trip like none other around the Channel Islands National Park. From Santa Barbara Island to see the seal rookery and Sutil Island, or perhaps while there you want to run out to do a dive on the Osborne Bank, or Santa Cruz Island to visit Gull Island or Painted Cave. The Triton can take care of you

Tank fills and Nitrox are always free on the Triton

Hot lunches and snacks during the dive day

Real fresh food for dinner after your long day of diving

Fresh brewed coffee in the morning, as well as a continental breakfast and hot breakfast sandwiches

Comfortable accommodations to spend the evening, including Starlink Satellite WiFi and streaming services on the TV

Hot water showers in an enclosed shower on the back deck.

Multi Day Charters

If you want to explore the further islands of Santa Rosa, San Miguel, San Nicholas, or San Clemente the Triton can accomodate you with all of the comforts described for the overnight trips for up to three nights out on the water.

If your group wants to explore the stunning kelp forests off of San Clemente or visit the giant California Elephant Seals at Santa Rosa and San Miguel. If you want to explore the seldom visited Castle Rk that is NW of San Miguel. Or perhaps you have never had the chance to dive Begg Rk that sits  8 miles NW of San Nicholas Island

Or perhaps all you want is to spend more time at Santa Cruz Island ending with a day of hiking the NE section around Scorpions Anchorage, the Triton can help you achieve all of that and more

Please contact us for availability and booking!