Triple Crown


Triple Crown

The Triple Crown was a drilling rig supply vessel that sank with loss of life in 1968, about 8 miles off Santa Barbara, CA. Below is an excerpt from the Coast Guard report:

“The M/V Triple Crown, official number 516 480, sank at or about 0345, PST, 25 November 1968, in a position approximately eight miles southeast of Santa Barbara, California. Sixteen of the twenty-five persons on board the vessel were rescued. Seven bodies have been recovered from the sunken vessel. Two persons are missing and presumed dead. One person suffered a broken ankle. The Triple Crown was engaged in picking up anchors and chain for the offshore drilling rig Bluewater II when the vessel listed to starboard and sank stern first.”

She lays in about 260 FSW in an upright position. Due to the depth and fairly recent sinking she’s in very good shape. This is a very experienced deep dive with unpredictable bottom conditions and extreme depths.


Triple Crown








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