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3 Dive Day - Anacapa Island - Nov 10 - Veterans Day Weekend

3 Dive Day - Anacapa Island - Nov 10 - Veterans Day Weekend

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Crossing the channel to Anacapa Island, one begins to understand why the island's name was derived from its Chumash Native American Indian name Anypakh. Seeming to change shape in the summer fog or afternoon heat, the three islets of Anacapa look like an island of deception or a mirage. Almost five miles long, these islets (appropriately named East, Middle, and West Anacapa Islands) are inaccessible from each other except by boat. They have a total land area of about one square mile (700 acres). Waves have eroded the volcanic island, creating towering sea cliffs, sea caves, and natural bridges, such as forty-foot-high Arch Rock-a symbol of Anacapa and Channel Islands National Park.

Anacapa's rich kelp forests (ideal for kayaking, snorkeling, and diving) and tidepool areas provide visitors with the opportunity to meet some of the resident ocean animals up close. 

Diving at Anacapa Island is as diverse as the island itself. With deep submerged rocky canyons and white sand bays there are many sites to see. Having a large part of the island protected as a working MPA the islands ocean habitat is healthy and abundant. From bright orange Garibaldis to the deep red of the spiny lobster, the island never disappoints. You may even see a Giant Black Sea Bass on occasion cruising the kelp beds looking for their next meal.

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